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Genetic Testing

Harmonyx Diagnostics is changing the way medication is prescribed

By August 11, 2015February 8th, 2019No Comments

Millions of people can now be tested to determine the efficacy and potential side effects of their prescribed medication. By developing affordable genetic testing, Harmonyx Diagnostics is changing the way medication is prescribed. Black Diamond Financial Group is proud to support one of the first successful efforts to realize the much-touted potential of genotyping.

Founded in 2009, Harmonyx Diagnostics believes patients should have the power to pay for affordable genetic testing without the hurdles health insurance can cause, and that pharmacists can play a key role in giving patients this power by providing Harmonyx tests at their locations.

With the Harmonyx pharmacy partnership, participating pharmacies can provide genetic testing to ensure their patients’ medications are safe and effective.

Harmonyx uses a fully automated genotyping system to deliver fast, easy and accurate results to qualified healthcare professionals, helping them determine the appropriate medication and dosing for each patient.

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