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Clean Energy

Carbon Fuels is developing the future of clean coal

By August 18, 2015February 8th, 2019No Comments

The only way to ensure the U.S. is not exposed to oil-dependency risks is to develop true replacements for crude oil—such as the clean refining of America’s most abundant energy resource: coal. Black Diamond Financial Group is working with Carbon Fuels, which has developed a breakthrough commercial process for the clean, efficient use of coal.

From the Carbon Fuels website: “The Charfuel® Coal Refining Process refines raw coal in conceptually the same manner as crude oil to cleanly and economically produce high-value liquid fuels, petrochemicals, and clean power plant feedstock. With the Charfuel process, gasoline, jet fuel, clean diesel (ultra-low-sulfur), fuel oil, marine fuels, and boiler fuels, as well as essential petrochemicals, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and methanol, are refined from raw coal—instead of crude oil. The Charfuel Coal Refining Process is not simply a supplemental source of “alternative energy.” Rather, it is a true oil replacement, which uses only air and abundant raw coal (bituminous, sub-bituminous or lignite) as refinery feedstock to economically produce a range of products traditionally associated with the refining of crude oil.”

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